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Hello Island lovers,

We are back! The summer is over and as the mornings start to get nippy, it’s time to think of creating a cosy winter haven in which to bunker down for the cooler months ahead. We found this gorgeous pic on Pinterest of a white and grey colour palette for a living room. It was our most popular post of the week! Follow us on Instagram for more winter interior inspiration here, we’d love to see you!

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Plumeria Coastal Home Closing Down Sale……..

After 4 wonderful years we felt the time was right to close Plumeria’s online store and pursue new adventures. We leave knowing we beautified beach houses around Australia, and we met lots of wonderful customers along the way. Our online store will go offline on Dec 31st.Our blog will continue and it’s where you’ll find all the beach house/island living stores we love!

In the meantime, this week is the start of our Closing Down Sale, where you can pick up amazing buys on the remaining stock. We’re giving you FREE delivery on all orders too!

To thank YOU for being a subscriber of our blog and customer of Plumeria these past years, please enter code word ‘aloha‘ for an additional 10% off your cart.

Thank you for your support, your custom, your friendship island lovers.  Let’s not say ‘good-bye’ let’s just say Aloha for now.  Sam xxx




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5 minutes with Harold’s Finishing Touches

Every know and then a store comes along that just blows you away.I’ve long admired the very gorgeous Harold’s Finishing Touches.Aaron Bourne is the creative genius behind this amazing emporium of homewares described as a mix of natural curiosities meets coastal chic. Dark monochromatic tones combined with giant clam shells, deer horns, entomology and brass pineapples. It really is a decadent array of homewares with style and quality. Aaron’s store is located in Toowoomba, QLD however his online store is overflowing with must haves and covet worthy pieces.

I was so chuffed to spend 5 minutes with Aaron, to delve into an interior stylists dream store….Harold’s Finishing Touches.


Sam: Hello Aaron, so tell us more about Harold’s Finishing Touches? When did the idea come about?

Aaron: The idea of Harolds had always been brewing in my mind from a young age. I always liked the idea of owning a store and wanted a chance to put together collections that best represented me. After working in the interiors industry as a visual merchandiser for many years I gained the confidence needed to go out on my own, and Harolds was born!

Sam: Whats your favourite interior style?

Aaron: I always describe Harolds as Masculine, curious and collected, so I guess that would have to be my way of narrating my favourite style. If I were to label I would maybe say Caribbean meets African colonial, meets Natural History Museum. Haah! Does that make any sense!?


Sam: Whats the hottest must have homewares accessory for Spring?

Aaron: hmm the hottest must have item for spring… I always see spring as a time to inject a bit of life and freshness into your interior after nesting all winter, I think this spring we will see lots of fresh white. In textured ceramics, corals and layered soft furnishings. The Clam shell is big! Always beautiful and timeless, the Giant Clam is really enjoying it’s moment in the spotlight! We are loving stunning real bleached shells planted with white orchids or piled with soaps for guests or we LOVE the incredible faux white resin clams, perfect for filling with ice and using to hold champagne! Hello spring! If we are talking fads, it seems watermelon seems to be surging ahead as fruit of the season and cacti are key!


Sam: How do you create a haven in your home?

Aaron: I love my home, spending time at home is such a luxury, it’s feels like I live at the store. My trick to creating a haven at home is filling it with all the things I love. On the essential list are beautiful candles, you can never have too many! The best bed linen you can afford, nothing quite like hoping into a freshly made bed! Fresh flowers are a must, the perfect way to introduce colour and life. And I like to fill my home with all my favourite goodies from the store, things I know I’ll never see again and timeless pieces I’ll never grow tired of!


Sam: What’s your dream destination when it’s time to relax?

Aaron: Do you know my dream destination is actually my home. I should say some amazing secluded island somewhere but honestly I just love days off at home! I am a big believer in making your every day as good as a holiday.


Sam: Whats your favourite item in store?

Aaron: As I select all the pieces for the store myself I really do love them all. But u would have to say my favourites have to be the one off items, like the antique French dough bowls, the ones crafted by hand by skilled artists, such as the juju hats and Malawi chairs from Africa and the most defiantly the taxidermy!!


Sam: How do you keep abreast of interior design trends?

Aaron: I guess the way I keep abreast of trends is by constantly being online. As consuming as it is the internet and social media is a wonderful way of being inspired and educated! I love online magazines, blogs, Pinterest and my favourite … INSTAGRAM! For example, I love the whole process of stumbling across someone’s wares on Instagram, making contacts and developing a relationship with them ordering the products for the store, creating beautiful displays with them and then seeing customers love and purchase the items! It’s a wonderful cycle!


Sam: Who or what inspires you when you are buying or HFT?

Aaron: Ultimately it is my customers that inspire me and what I buy for Harolds. Having had the store for many years now I have learnt a fair idea of what customers are expecting from Harolds and what they are looking for! It’s wonderful to find things that people love and want for themselves! I go with my gut! I buy it if I love it, and hope like hell someone else does too. A quick flick over who I follow on Instagram will show you who inspires me most!!


Aaron you are truly gorgeous and we ADORE your style, your tenacity and dedication in creating a beautiful store that is winning hearts and customers all over Australia. Thank you xxx

To keep abreast of Aaron’s amazing collections and new arrivals you can find him on:



You can shop online right now and create that stylish haven here

Sam ♥



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Tropical Style Interiors!

The winter is hanging in there but she’s losing her grip. We can almost sense Springs impending arrival. The scent of BBQ’s in the air, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the succulent taste of Summer fruits and melons. To stimulate your interior appetite for the coming of Spring, we’re diving into the deep end of Tropical style.

Here are our top picks for giving your home that relaxed Tropical feel…


Life like Resin pineapples in tropical colours by


Vibrant Banana Leaf Cushions by


Ottomans are fabulous furniture pieces for seating for unexpected guests. Have a piece of glass cut to size and transform it into a coffee table. For fabulous tropical fabric ottomans visit


For an elegant touch of tropical chic, you can’t go past this Nickle Pineapple Lamp, shop online at


Coconut Scented Candles by Sniff Soy will have your home smelling like a tropical paradise, shop online at


White shells brings the island life indoors. Visit this online store for great shells


For the ultimate in tropical interiors, shop our genuine Giant Clams at


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Our NEW Blog has launched!

Welcome to our gorgeous NEW blog – Plumeria.


Plumeria,  will be a one stop destination blog for all things Coastal and Island inspired living. If you love coastal living and interiors, we’ll search the globe for the latest in beautiful homewares and design and point you in the right direction.

We’ve tracked down the very best retailers who we feel embody the coastal life with outstanding quality products and style. We thank our sponsors and encourage you to click on the buttons on the right hand side of our blog which will link directly to their online stores for quick and effortless online shopping.

Be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss a moment of our blog including giveaways and sale announcements.(We will only update our blog once a week so we don’t bombard your inbox with updates) We also have a friendly island community on Facebook and Instagram, so simply click on the links on our home page to join us.

We want to be interactive with you, so don’t be afraid to leave comments and requests! If you’re looking for a particular decor item, let us know and we’ll try our best to track it down!

To celebrate the launch of ‘Plumeria’ the blog, we’re giving away a beautiful Zayit Bar

‘Aloha Girl’ necklace in sterling silver, handmade in Hawaii!

Drawn on August 1st, to enter simply subscribe to our newsletter on our blog homepage and ‘like’ our Facebook page here.

Good luck island lovers!

Sam ♥



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